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I’m Jose Carlos CT , I’m an English teacher at the Tablero high school. Jose Carlos Aranda invited me to write about whatever I’d like to in English.
Well, I don’t know about your European history knowledge, but I suppose you’ve heard about the Berlin Wall.

So, this is dedicated to all students and colleagues in the day we are celebrating PEACE in Spain.
I invite you to listen to and if you feel like commenting this classic song which appeared back in 1979 when the Berlin Wall seemed eternal. Nevertheless, it fell down. The song became a hymn 10 years later.
As for the video, please don’t miss it and give your opinion…
Here is the link :


Comentarios en: "DÍA DE LA PAZ. IES EL TABLERO (CÓRDOBA)" (1)

  1. I love this video, Pink Floyd really had a way of getting their message across without any hesitation!
    Cheers to freedom, may we never see another Berlin Wall.


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